Modular sport surface

Durable and cost-effective solution for building sports courts

COURTY™ sport surface

Modular sports surface made of polypropylene

It consists of easy-to-mount modules and is designed for both outdoor and indoor sports courts

Very good cushioning

High durability

Stability and wide application

We offer two types of COURTY™ sport surfaces


Sports surface specially designed for gyms, halls
and sport facilities under roofing (full tiles).


Outdoor sports surface for multi-purpose courts (various disciplines)
and tennis courts (openwork tiles).

COURTY™ modular sports surface

COURTY™ is the perfect choice to creating functional sports courts and enjoying different sports disciplines.

COURTY™ is a sports surface that is perfect for the construction or renovation of sports courts. It is widely used to build multi-functional courts, basketbal, volleyball, handball courts as well as badminton and tennis courts. It’s also great for practising futsall. COURTY™ also works well as a surface for roller skating or roller hockey.

The surface consists of easy-to-install polypropylene modules, thanks to which you can quickly and efficiently build a sports facility in a public, commercial or private places.

What kind of sports fields you can have with the COURTY™ surface?

Outdoor and indoor courts

Tennis courts

Private sports courts

how we are making
our courts

Why COURTY ™ surface for the construction of a tennis court?


The COURTY™ modular polypropylene surface is a great solution for tennis courts. It is above all cost-attractive compared to the labour-intensive other surfaces. Installation of the surface is quick (up to two weeks) and is independent of weather conditions.


Care and maintenance is extremely easy, possible maintenance costs are low. The tennis court with polypropylene surface is practically maintenance-free. The modular surface is resistant to weather conditions, and any damage is very easy to repair without the need for specialized equipment or waiting for good weather conditions.


On the sports side, the tennis court with COURTY ™ is a fast surface that provides good bounce. This type of surface has very good durability, flexibility and dynamics. It also provides good skidding and proper cushioning, which is not without significance for our joints and spine..

Advantages of courty surface

COURTY™ promotes a healthy lifestyle

The COURTY surface is a propylene module-based sports surface. It is a surface providing a wide range of applications, perfectly suitable for basketball and tennis courts, multi-purpose sports fields, as well as used in facilities for the following sports disciplines: football (soccer), volleyball, badminton, roller hockey, floorball, roller skating etc.

Thanks to the module-based connection system that receives and damps horizontal loads, as well as the system of supports, the surface damps vertical loads, and this surface is extremely safe for users by protecting their joints and the backbone.

Advantages of COURTY ™ polypropylene surface


COURTY™ is durable, has higher resistance to mechanical damage compared to artificial grass or polyurethane.

Maintenance free

It does not require spending additional time and budget to maintain it in very good condition. Just like that.

Cost saving

Due to the speed of assembly and disassembly, the costs of these operations are significantly lower than when other surfaces are used.

Safe for joints and spine

The COURTY ™ sports surface provides great conditions for playing sports – it provides very good cushioning, receives forces loading joints and the skeletal system when jumping or braking.

Wide range of colours

Our surface looks aesthetically pleasing, and thanks to the choice of colours we can create a pitch tailored to the needs and preferences of users – in dynamic or calm colours.


Everyone can use the COURTY ™ surface, which is why it is the most frequently chosen type of surface for public, housing estate or hotel playgrounds.


With wide application to various sports. Best for multi-purpose sports fields where you can combine practicing different disciplines in one place.


Easy to disassemble and for quick transfer to another place, packed in pallets.

Range of colours

Our surface looks aesthetically pleasing, and thanks to the choice of colours we can create a pitch tailored to the needs and preferences of users – in dynamic or calm colours. The COURTY ™ outdoor surface colour guide includes 5 colours: medium green, dark green, blue, red and brick red. In the case of internal pavement, we offer two colour variants: light blue and beige, which can be combined in any configuration..

COURTY™ external surface

brick red



dark green




COURTY™ internal surface

light blue


Light blue / beige

black / orange

Stages of implementation